The Minister of State for Housing, Rachel Maclean MP, along with Peter Gibson MP, have paid a visit to the proposed site of the Burtree Garden Village in Darlington. The purpose of the visit was to understand the progress and potential of this ambitious project and the impact of funding from government agency, Homes England. The event was hosted by Gavin Cordwell-Smith, Chief Executive of Hellens Group and Kate Hellens, Managing Director of Hellens Residential.

During the visit, Minister Rachel Maclean and Peter Gibson MP were given a comprehensive tour of the site. The officials explored various aspects of the project, including the residential housing, amenities, and green spaces. The purpose was to gain a firsthand understanding of the progress made and to understand the potential of Burtree Garden Village for the local community.

Burtree Garden Village aligns with the government’s vision of levelling up housing and communities, aiming to create thriving and sustainable neighbourhoods while boosting economic growth.

Sustainability was a key focus of the visit, with Burtree Garden Village aiming to set new standards for eco-friendly development. The project incorporates renewable energy sources, green infrastructure, and efficient design to ensure minimal environmental impact. Minister Rachel Maclean praised the efforts made by the Hellens Group, acknowledging their role in shaping a greener future for housing and communities.

The visit concluded with Minister Rachel Maclean and Peter Gibson MP planting a tree in the development’s arboretum.